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Sometimes things have to fall apart...
In order for other things to fall into place.

Date: 2007-02-09 22:49
Subject: 6 months post op (2/7/07)
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Tags:6 months post op, pics
So as of February 7, of 2007 I am 6 months post op. 
For those of you who didin't know...On August 7.2006 I had gastric bypass surgery. (If you want to know more about it ask and I will make a post about it.) DOesn't bother me any to share about my experiance.

Anyhow I thought I would post Before (day of surgery pic) and After surgery (6 months later) in the same outfit. Gonna take some newer pics with clothes that are figure flattering. (If I can find any since mostly all my clothing is baggy now a days!)

Before : (August 7,2006 Morning of surgery.}

Heaviest weight ever! 361 lbs.

After: (February 7, 2007 @ 6 months post op.)

Here I am at 237 and still losing....Goal weight is 140 (set by my surgeon.) So we will see about that one! lol!

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Date: 2007-01-30 15:42
Subject: OMG!!! Soooo Proud!
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Location:where the wild things are
OMG!!!  My son finally went #2 in the potty today! I am so proud of him! 
This has been an on going struggle! I am almost too scared to say it out loud in fear that it won't happen again!
I went and checked when he told me he went (having doubts, since he always says he goes and never really does!) and to my surprise he did and I screamed in joy and high fived him and all that good stuff. He was scared at first it seemed but then started laughing.  He keeps asking where his Mickey Mouse Club House is.....Since his father promised him one when he started going poopie in the potty. So I guess we are going to have to look one up on ebay and hope they don't  cost all too much! lol! 
But, yeah that was the highlight of my day =)

Other than that we have just been busy with trying to find myself a job and selling on ebay to try and help make ends meet. 
Seems like January is always like this because, of all of the holiday shopping done in December. 
Tomorrow I have to go to the coin machine at my bank and see how much I have to put towards our comcast internet bill so we can keep it. Otherwise it is being cut off on Februrary 5th. (And we only just got a letter stating that yesterday! Nice eh?)  So here's to hoping there is enough money to keep us connected! Since I need it for ebay and school work! 

I guess, I better get going and see what I can cook for dinner....=) 

Take care all <3
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Date: 2007-01-19 16:44
Subject: Hey
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Have more things on Ebay. Including some childrens educational toys and books....More to come later tonite =o) 
Take a look and share with your friends. Thanks in advance to all of you who pass this on! 

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Date: 2007-01-19 11:27
Subject: New Stuff Added!
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More things added to my Ebay auctions....Come check it out and don't forget to tell your friends as well.
More to come tomorrow sometime so keep checking back or add me to your favorites!

Here's the link: http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZshrinkinglady81QQhtZ-1

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Date: 2007-01-18 18:23
Subject: EBAY!!!!
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Location:Hell in a hand Basket
Music:Fall Out Boy: Carpal Tunnel Of Love

Doing that Ebay thing again.
As of now I only have three items up. Later tonite there should be more so keep checking back often. So please check it out and tell your friends and have them tell there's. (You know what i'm getting at!) Anyhow the link is right here: 



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